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It was my birthday and I was at the zoo. I loved the zoo but the best thing there were the gorillas. The entrance doors were yellow. That was my favorite color. Did they make that just for my birthday. I started running for the door. I was really excited. Something that would make this even better would be if the doors were made of pretty wood. I started running even faster than I was running before. Then I relised that the entrance was made of bricks. At least I will still be able to see some gorillas. I can’t wait.

Behind The News-Mars Experiment


This video was about how hard a life on Mars would be. They did an experiment with some people. They were only allowed out if they wore a space suit and if they didn’t  wear a space suit they had to stay inside. Humans have the technology they need to get to space but there are still a lot of things we can’t survive like the heat. The trip to Mars can take one to three years. Why  do we want to live on Mars? How many people will go? I now understand how hard a life on Mars would be.  

The Solar System-YouTube


This video was about the solar system and some facts about it. In a long time, the sun will grow and melt the gas planets, then it will burn Mars, Earth, Mercury ad Venus’ crust and the after that it will incinerate our solar system after it incinerates our solar system, it will shrink until it dies out. Mars, Mercury, Venus and Earth are all solid planets while Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all gas planets. The sun makes up 99.86% mass in our solar system. Will humans find another planet to live on when Earth gets incinerated? Where will we go? I know understand in a long time from now earth will become a dangerous place.

100 Word Challenge


“Hey!” Said my mean caretaker, “Do the dishes!”

“Why!” I replied in an annoyed tone. I could tell that this did not please him. He was about to yell at me I could tell. He calmed done a bit and then said in a slightly annoyed voice, “Because I said so! And because you did not do it, I have a right to send you into your room for one hour and no sneaking out. I sighed. This was going to be the longest hour that I had ever experienced. I can tell. I had been a bad boy.

Behind The News- Mars Mission


Mars Mission 14/08/2012 behind the news

This Behind the news video was about a Mars Rover on Mars called Curiosity. Curiosity was the size of a car. It had a drill for examining rocks and a laser. Curiosity and the robot had to survive degrees when it slammed into the earths atmosphere. The scientists had seven minutes to slow it down from 20 000 k/h to 0 k/h. Why are people so interested in space? What is the point of having a lot of Rovers on Mars taking photos when you only need one? I now understand how hard it is to land a rover a size of a car onto Mars.

Space and Astronomy


This video was about a few different civilizations that found ways to be informed on space. The Babylonians had a written system that they used to record big volume astronomy observations. They also created calendars to time important things. Babylon was also birthplace to the earliest forms of modern horoscopic astrology. Why are some civilizations interested in astrology? How could Mayas predict eclipse and how the planets moved? I now understand that there are a lot of things to cover in astronomy. 

100 Word Challenge


100 word challenge site

“Where are we?” I said to my best friend called Dustin. ” I am not sure,” he replied, “but I think that we are in deja vu!” I looked around a bit and thought that it did remind me of something that I had seen before. It reminded me of a time when I had been at the zoo. Wait, no, that was not right. It reminded me of… then it shot me like a bullet to the chest. I had seen this chaos before. It was when I had experienced war conditions. I never want to think about that tragedy ever again. It was terrible.

My Goals


So far this semester I have achieved making a well structured paragraph that has the burger as an analogy. I have also achieved how to make a better debate speech because before I used to only put in facts but now I have a good structure persuasive speech.

I have not yet managed to get some ideas from books. I use a few ideas from books but maybe I could use more styles of books.

During this term I am hoping to do my homework earlier instead of leaving a bit until Saturday or Sunday. I mostly get it done but maybe if I did it earlier I could have it better quality. I also this term want to know more about the Solar System because I learn’t about it in Year 3 but know I don’t know much about it anymore. I also want to know what figurative language is because I don’t remember if I have ever learnt it before. I want to know if clauses are like sentences, phrases or if it is just like a paragraph

The Good Idea


Have you ever thought that you were going to die? Well, I have! It all started one day when I thought of a good idea. I got in my car heading towards the good idea. Or that’s what I thought.

I was getting closer and closer to it and every meter closer I went, 1 more heartbeat per minute I had. Was I crazy? Yes, I was crazy. Crazy for my idea. If I said so myself. ‘It’s not too late to change,’ my mind kept saying to me, ‘No,’ I said to myself, ‘I try new things all the time …I know I can do this!’ Every corner I turned made me want to go back even more. But I kept strong, I kept brave- I would do it!

There I was. Ready to go. Was I crazy? Yep, crazy all right, crazy for life! I was going to do it no matter what my body told me. The hairs on my neck stood up like they had just been watered from a flood of my sweat. The attendant had a happy smile on his face but I knew that that wasn’t going to last long.

The vertical distance was about fifteen meters and it had sharp rocks to avoid as well. It was great. The only problem though was that I might be too chicken to jump that distance.

As I stepped on to the grey rock my heart sped up to 3,000 pumps per minute. I was starting to feel the pressure even though it was just me and the attendant there. It was cloudy and dark. It looked like it could break into thunderstorm any second now.

“How are we all?” Said the attendant which I thought was incredibly weird because I was the only person who was there. “Good!” I replied with a small and shaky voice.

“Are we ready to go!” he said and then he started jabbering on about things like how he was going to put the rope on and a bunch of boring things like that. I yawned a few times but he didn’t take the hint.

“All right,” he said after what felt like one million years, “are we ready to rock ‘n’ roll!”

“Yes!” I shouted back. I took a few steps away from the edge and then I retraced them again. It felt like I was going in slow motion. “WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He yelled at me but I couldn’t make out what he was saying because it felt like he was saying it in slow motion. I jumped off the cliff. Just after I jumped I realised what an idiot I was. I had just jumped off a cliff and he hadn’t even attached the rope to me yet.

‘What happens if someone finds me and my whole body has been invaded by worms? Red backs would be crawling out of my eye sockets and my mouth chewing in bits of my flesh. What if I don’t have a nose and only a bleeding squashed thing? And even worse what if my head wasn’t attached to my body no longer? That would be scary.’ All these thoughts raced through my head. I hope that you have remembered that this whole time I was falling through the air.

“Someone, please help me. I am not a bird. I can’t fly!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. I closed my eyes and looked up at where the clouds would be if I hadn’t jumped off a cliff on a damp and dull day “Prey to god that at the end of this cliff is a soft landing.” I looked down and I saw the best sight that I had ever seen. It was beautiful. It was absolute perfection.

A pile full of leaves was waiting for me to fall on it. I closed my eyes and waited for an unpainful peaceful landing. BANG! I landed on something hard, sharp and pointy. I looked on my arm. It was full of blood. It was a terrible and an ugly sight. I was scared and I wanted to at least see another animal so I would now that I wasn’t alone in this terrible battle. It felt like I had fallen in a ditch in the world war one.

I wondered along with a wounded body that was full of blood from head to toe. I kept walking until my legs were so sore from carrying me around because they were bruised and scarred. I picked myself up and forced my body to keep working harder than it already was. Then I froze. There was something ahead of me. It was dark and round and it had sharp edges pointing off from all different angles. Some were coming from the roof and some others were coming from the floor. I was scared to go in it. But it was my only choice. For all I knew, it may lead back up the way I had come.

I hiked as hard as I could up the (what seemed like) a vertical cliff. Every step I took. Another scratch I got from the rocks. I couldn’t do it. I was too young to die.

After a while I could see something that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Light. It was a beautiful sight. Then I heard some voices calling. “I can see him, repeat I can see him, over!” Then there was a helicopter above me. The rope started going down. I grabbed it. It pulled me back up to the top. I was really pleased with myself. I had just gone through the most terrifying rides in the history of terrifying rides. And I had survived.

A crowd had gathered around me and all I could here was them shouting my name. I went back home and I thought about what a horrifying ride that was.

That night I switched on the TV onto the 7news. The top story was…. ME! They were talking about how no-one knew what had happened to him except for the man himself. I couldn’t wait for my next cliff jump.



100 word challenge site

“Help me!” I shouted out to anyone that would listen. I was hanging of a rope on the end of my fingertips for what felt like a million whole years. I heard a siren in the distance. I looked behind me and I saw a horrible sight. A fire was starting at the end of the rope. It was coming closer and closer to me. I was scared as hell. ‘What a way to die!’ I thought to myself. The fire Brigade was yelling at me, “Hold on, we are coming!” I don’t think that I could though.