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This text was about Neutron stars. A Neutron Star is when two stars die and explode and then they collide. Did you know that one teaspoon of a neutron star is 900 times heavier than the largest pyramid in Egypt? Did you also know that gravitational waves and light are the same speed? I now understand what a neutron star is. I also understand that neutron stars are very heavy. How do stars reach the end of their lives?



Hello my name is Buddy boy and I will show you how to dive in a dirty and polluted river. First you have to get a bunch of friends to cheer you on and go “BUDDY BOY…BUDDY BOY!” Secondly you have to try and make your run up really, really, really dramatic and make it look like a huge deal. Thirdly you have to pretend to trip and bomb into the river. Fourthly you have to try and swing your arms around and try to make it look like you really need help. Lastly someone comes in and saves you.