100 word challenge

I was so scared that I couldn’t breathe. I was in my bed and there was THUNDER AND LIGHTENING!!! It was so dark but then the flash made me jump out of bed. I was terrified. It was dreadful. It was the night of Christmas Eve and I just saw Santa trotting his way in to my house. I was terrified, but I also was amazed to see Santa. And the really really weird thing was Santa got stuck in the chimney. Finally it stopped raining and Santa was back on his sledge and I got to even see it.

One thought on “100 word challenge

  1. I really enjoyed reading your short story, it made me smile. It was quick, fast and pacey, just what you would expect in a 100WC story.
    I did find the ending a bit rushed though and the last sentence seems a bit chuncky and does seem to fit with the flow of the rest of the story.
    I liked your word choice. Terrified, dreadful, trotting all suit the story. I look forward to reading your future 100WC stories.

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