Ice-cream world


Yes! What a goal! I am playing ice hockey and I have just scored a banger from the half way line, top right-hand corner.

Oh! I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Mada and I am an ice-cream. I have two brothers that are also ice-creams called Nylkoorb and Innaig. “Scores 3 all,” the announcement boomed. It is the grand final and as you might have already found out I am a very active ice-cream.

Here are my brothers Nylkoorb and Innaig, Nylkoorb is rich, in his bank account he has $1,000,000! Yes you read that correctly 1,000,000! Innaig and I aren’t that rich we only have $500,000 each.

Well anyway, I have just scored a beautiful goal. That’s weird, I hear cracks. PLOP! Oh no! A big chunk of ice has fallen down into the ice-cream lake below! I ask my ice-cream mum what is happening, she says it is the first sign of melting whatever that means.

Then there are some blocks of ice expanding then shrinking, shrinking and shrinking. I can’t believe it the whole cycle of melting has passed.

Nylkoorb and Innaig run up to me and they demand to know what is going on because there is melting everywhere now. I say: “I have no idea, it’s like you’re treating me as I am behind all of this melting!” I think they get the idea that I am not behind this melting.

Oh no! I think I saw our boss (the ice-cream manager who is called Naitsirhc) take out his ice-cream scoop, which means he is going to take a scoop of an ice-cream flavour. I hope he takes another flavour.

You have got to be kidding me! Our boss, Naitsirhc has just taken a huge scoop of our flavour! He has taken our whole entire CITY! And if that’s not bad enough some houses in our ice-cream city have collapsed from melting. THIS IS A TOTAL DISASTER!!!!

My brothers even agree with me, and they never agree with me. I am like their worst enemy because I am so active and sporty. What happens if we get chewed or dropped onto the footpath or we might even get eaten by a dog, the options are endless.

I hate the sound of all those horrible deaths, they all sounded horrid, terrifying and DEADLY!! I wanted to run, I wanted to scream. I was going to die. I was so scared.

The problem with dying was that I am only nine years old. If I was like 500,000 just like Naitsirhc (that’s my boss if you forgot) I would be actually happy to die. I hope I don’t though.

Naitsirhc has just given the ice-cream to an impatient customer who orders “Gimme that!”

Get ready for a spitty lick that might kill all of us. AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!

His lick was only the top of an ice-cream house. YUCK!! The angry customer blurted as he spat out what he had just licked off our planet. It was a wonderful sight.

Even better Naitsirhc said “you’re disgusting,” to us “nobody would ever want to lick you, I might as well lock you in the freezer!” “HOORAY!!! Everyone cheered. Naitsirhc now hated us but I didn’t care one single bit.

Our ice-cream hockey stadium has now been rebuilt (Nylkoorb paid for it) and here is the awesome news: WE HAVE SCORED THE WINNING GOAL IN LESS THAN 10 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!

And it was another beauty just like my goal. It was by someone called Leumas. It was at the far top corner of the goal.

I was so excited that we won and even better I had won the man of the match. Which is B.O.G. if you like football (It stands for Best On Ground).

“What a day,” I say, while I lie in bed. I have scored a beautiful goal, got man of the match and I…I mean WE have almost been killed by being eaten by a greedy human who loves ice-cream. We have survived some terrifying melting.

I hope I never have another day like that. But on second thoughts that was an awesome and a really fun day.

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