100 word challenge


This is the best moment of my entire life!

I am at an awesome looking restaurant and I have just ordered a Hamburger.

They are one of the fancy types of Hamburgers with chips and stuff.

Ohh! Here come the waiters.

“I’m sorry!” they say, “your Hamburger has been stolen!”

At least I still had my favourite food in the whole entire world.

Hamburger was my second favourite food in the entire world, but chips were still better. But I still was devastated that I didn’t have my perfect totally awesome Hamburger.

How dare someone steal my tasty awesome Hamburger.

100 word challenge


One time I had dinner. It was the best dinner I had ever had. It was pasta, but there was something on the side which looked horrible. I couldn’t possibly be eating it. It looked green. It was my worst enemy…


I couldn’t possibly eat it. But my mum insisted. I tried to tell her she was making a huge mistake but she did not care she thought I was joking (I wasn’t). If I ate it I would die I was pretty sure. If I don’t eat it I won’t get dessert mum told me. Should I do it?