100 Word Challenge


Santa Clause does not exist,

He doesn’t bring you presents,

You think it really is him,

But it’s actually your parents.


Father Christmas is a fake,

He’s a parent lie

They do it to get kids excited,

Then walk with a guilty ‘goodbye’.


Christmas is the best,

But Santa is not real,

Christmas is the best,

To me Santa does not appeal.


Don’t get me wrong,

Christmas ain’t bad,

It’s just we all fuss about presents,

And our myth the Christmas dad.


Christmas is the best,

Santa is not real,

Christmas is the best,

To me Santa does not appeal.

Behind The News


This BTN video

This video was about what slam poets are. In slam poetry there are no rules that you have to follow and you can write about any topic. At the start it is tricky to find words that fit together and that rhyme but once you practice you get better. Is slam poetry the only type of poetry that rhymes? Is slam poetry the most popular style? I now understand that at the start slam poetry is pretty hard but once you get more practice and get older. You will get better.

100 Word Challenge-poem


Once there was a guy. He had been knocked out so we asked him if he was okay. But he was exhausted so we sang him a poem.

We knew that one day, when you were older,

You would get hit by a boulder,

While you are lying there screaming come and help me please,

Some kids come and tease,

They tease about you getting knocked out,

You then got angry and decided to shout,

In the end, you are lucky we found you,

There are tigers around here and you would have been their food!


Humans in Space



This video was about the first humans who went to Space. Yuri Gagarin, a Russian Cosmonaut was the first person ever to go to space. That one trip changed the course of history. Space is a really hard place to survive. Firstly there is no air to breathe and secondly it is really cold. The first people to actually step on the moon were Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Are cosmonauts like astronauts? Why were  people so interested in space? I now understand that going to space is a very big achievement for your country.


100 Word Challenge


100 Word Challenge Site

There we were! At home! Me and my friend watching Television! The show we were watching was my favorite show. The name of it was Tom and Jerry! There then was an add break and it showed a picture of some people sitting in there house watching television. The add was sponsoring some sort of brand of TV but that was not the part that I was fascinated about the fact that we seemed to be on the television! I was shocked! I didn’t know how this had happened. I was going to find out what had happened.

100 word challenge


100 word challenge site

It was my birthday and I was at the zoo. I loved the zoo but the best thing there were the gorillas. The entrance doors were yellow. That was my favorite color. Did they make that just for my birthday. I started running for the door. I was really excited. Something that would make this even better would be if the doors were made of pretty wood. I started running even faster than I was running before. Then I relised that the entrance was made of bricks. At least I will still be able to see some gorillas. I can’t wait.

Behind The News-Mars Experiment


This video was about how hard a life on Mars would be. They did an experiment with some people. They were only allowed out if they wore a space suit and if they didn’t  wear a space suit they had to stay inside. Humans have the technology they need to get to space but there are still a lot of things we can’t survive like the heat. The trip to Mars can take one to three years. Why  do we want to live on Mars? How many people will go? I now understand how hard a life on Mars would be.  

The Solar System-YouTube


This video was about the solar system and some facts about it. In a long time, the sun will grow and melt the gas planets, then it will burn Mars, Earth, Mercury ad Venus’ crust and the after that it will incinerate our solar system after it incinerates our solar system, it will shrink until it dies out. Mars, Mercury, Venus and Earth are all solid planets while Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all gas planets. The sun makes up 99.86% mass in our solar system. Will humans find another planet to live on when Earth gets incinerated? Where will we go? I know understand in a long time from now earth will become a dangerous place.

100 Word Challenge


“Hey!” Said my mean caretaker, “Do the dishes!”

“Why!” I replied in an annoyed tone. I could tell that this did not please him. He was about to yell at me I could tell. He calmed done a bit and then said in a slightly annoyed voice, “Because I said so! And because you did not do it, I have a right to send you into your room for one hour and no sneaking out. I sighed. This was going to be the longest hour that I had ever experienced. I can tell. I had been a bad boy.

Behind The News- Mars Mission


Mars Mission 14/08/2012 behind the news

This Behind the news video was about a Mars Rover on Mars called Curiosity. Curiosity was the size of a car. It had a drill for examining rocks and a laser. Curiosity and the robot had to survive degrees when it slammed into the earths atmosphere. The scientists had seven minutes to slow it down from 20 000 k/h to 0 k/h. Why are people so interested in space? What is the point of having a lot of Rovers on Mars taking photos when you only need one? I now understand how hard it is to land a rover a size of a car onto Mars.